video artist: Artem Tarkhanov
director of photography: Andrey Nikolaev
line producer: Anastasiya Sovashchenko

"Libra" composed by Plaster (c) Stroboscopic Artefacts
"Greyscale" composed by Akkord (c) Houndstooth

selected exhibitions
and screenings
Future Resonance, Zuecca Projects, Venice, Italy, 2018

Visions, Nunnery Gallery, London, UK, 2016

Chromatic Festival exhibition program, Montreal, Canada, 2016

ULTRA WATER FLOW, 20th Microwave New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong Design Institute, China, 2016

ARFF International, best experimental film award, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Antimatter, 19th Annual Media Art Festival, Victoria, Canada, 2016

GAMMA Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2016

6th CINERAMABC International FIlm Festival, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil, 2016

The first part of the video cycle explores turning points in culture in the beginning of the 20th century – modernism in art and foundational crisis in mathematics.

Term "Beweistheorie" (ger. "proof theory") refers to the time of a dramatic comprehension change in mathematical foundations and limits. Trying to overcome paradoxes of set theory, mathematicians have developed different approaches to axiomatic systems (formalism, logicism, intuitionism, etc.) what eventually made foundations of math uncertain and subjective.

Exactly at the same time art have lost ground of realistic depiction and there was started a revolutionary era of modernism with seemingly no specific basis in common.

beweistheorie I is inspired by this search for objectivity in the most subjective fields of human activity and vice versa.

An opposition of mathematical rigour and boundless art systems creates a body of this video scape, including chess objects referred to Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, base-dependent prime numbers structures and irrational axioms on canvas.
Research on undecidable propositions and infinity

New aesthetic strategies based on formal systems

Reconsideration on avant-garde legacy


project by Artem Tarkhanov

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