augmented square
A virtual reenactment of Alexander Brener's performance "Yeltsin, come out!" (1995), which took place on Red Square. Using an augmented reality mask, the viewer can experience Brener's action in the context of contemporary Russian reality by superimposing the model onto the Frontal Place on Red Square.

This augmented reality (AR) artwork allows the viewer to experience the energy and impact of Brener's performance as if they were present on Red Square in 1995. By using cutting-edge technology to superimpose the virtual reenactment onto the physical location of the original performance, the AR artwork adds a new layer of meaning and context to the original event. Through the use of AR, the viewer is able to engage with the performance in a way that was not previously possible, creating a unique and immersive experience that highlights the differences between political states and time periods.

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