beweistheorie I
6 min, 2016
The first part of the beweistheorie video cycle examines the significant cultural shifts that took place at the beginning of the 20th century, including the emergence of modernism in art and the foundational crisis in mathematics.

The term "Beweistheorie" (in German, "proof theory") refers to a time when there was a fundamental shift in the understanding of mathematical foundations and limitations. In an attempt to resolve the paradoxes of set theory, mathematicians developed various approaches to axiomatic systems (such as formalism, logicism, and intuitionism), which ultimately made the foundations of math uncertain and subjective.

At the same time, art was moving away from realistic depiction and entering into a revolutionary era of modernism, marked by a wide range of diverse ideas.

"beweistheorie I" is inspired by the search for subjectivity in the most objective fields of human culture, and vice versa. The tension between the rigorous nature of mathematics and the boundless systems of art is the central focus of this video, which includes references to chess objects as well as base-dependent prime numbers structures and irrational axioms on canvas.

video artist: Artem Tarkhanov
director of photography: Andrey Nikolaev
line producer: Anastasiya Sovashchenko

"Libra" composed by Plaster (c) Stroboscopic Artefacts
"Greyscale" composed by Akkord (c) Houndstooth

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